Some of tHe things that have been said about CHRISTOPHER ...

“I first met Chris in 2011 and was instantly warmed to his personal and creative approach to business. After building the relationship I worked closely with Chris for over 14 months using his ideas and techniques to improve my letting agency in Hitchin, particularly gaining new landlords. What worked particularly well for me was his newspaper advertorials putting me as the local professional for landlords and investors alike. Within 6 - 8 weeks the results were obvious, I was gaining over 50% more landlord enquiries with 90% of them resulting in new business. After nine months my turnover had increased from £36k to £43k per month" — Luke Mason, MD of Belvoir Hitchin  

"I first met with Chris at the turn of the year, having recently set up my own lettings agency in the Summer of 2013. Having a corporate background, I found out quickly that most of what I had been taught was not really going to get my anywhere and there were much better, and proven methods of attracting landlords. I quickly bought into Chris' ethos on how to attract landlords to my business and after a few months of laying the foundations, have just recently begun publishing articles. There is a lot of hard work to be done prior to this but Chris will give you all the tips required. He is always on hand to help and brings something new to the table everytime I speak with him. He is always keen to share ideas and for a reasonable cost too. He is a joy to work with, inspiring and will always tell you never to give up, it does not happen overnight but the methods he teaches are beginning to have very positive impacts on my company." — Daniel Wilson, Director of Wilson Page Lettings – Peterborough  

"I've been working with Chris Watkin for the last six months and I can tell you that he really knows how to attract more landlords to your lettings agency. If that doesn't convince you, read his blog for a while and then take the plunge.." — Rachel Roodhardt, Sales & Marketing Manager, Martin & Co,  

"We opened our cold start lettings agency in February 2013. From day one, The Watkin always offered his help and guidance on how to attract landlords to our agency. He was always coming up with new ideas and his creative thinking, expertise, positive can-do attitude and drive made him the go to man to increase our stock. I can particularly remember one occasion we had an issue with how to network at a particular event and he went above and beyond the call of duty in providing us with exceptional support and guidance. However, it’s his ideas, especially the advertorials and his insistence that you need to engage landlords with interesting stories about the local housing market, both in the newspaper and with social media that has got us so much new business. I can categorically say that without Chris’s help, we wouldn’t have got so many landlords and their properties on our books so early on, which meant we were able to let 105 properties in the first 9 months of trading. He is a truly amazing guy and we can not thank him enough for what he has done for us and we look forward to working with more throughout 2014...." — Phil Collett, Director of Belvoir Bury

"Christopher Watkins has done an amazing job turning me from a doubter of his methods to a real believer. I have followed his training and have quantifiable results to prove it works. Not only has my business increased but I have rediscovered that I am an expert in my own little field and why I enjoy what I do – all thanks to Christopher." — David Nicholson, MD of Martin and Co - Crawley  

"I have recently attended Chris's one day course and would highly recommend it. If you read his blog you will get a good idea of what he does and by attending the course you will gain a much deeper level of understanding of how to attract landlords with actions you can begin on straight away." — Paul Wright, Director of All-Avenues Lettings in Woolwich  

"We run a well established lettings agency in North West. In the Spring of 2013, Christopher helped us to trial his advertorial newspaper articles to help us attract new business for our lettings agency. Writing the weekly articles proved really difficult at first but Christopher has an enormous wealth of ideas and inspiration and with his unstinting guidance, encouragement and support we learnt to become expert in his techniques. The advertorials grew our rental market appraisals from an average 4 a month to 14 a month and we now have a great number of potential landlords dropping in for advice. Even better, our turnover increased by 20%. There is no doubt that Christopher’s ideas, his support and guidance have provided a real boost to our business. His passion and enthusiasm are truly infectious and he has always been a real tonic to work with. It is an absolute pleasure to recommend Christopher." — Rosemary Millican, Owner, Belvoir Lettings in Macclesfield  

"I've now been working with Christopher for about 6 months and I have to say he has been a god send! I started my own letting agency in January and I don't think I would have had a clue where to start if it wasn't for the advice and support that Christopher has given me. His methods are creative and often remarkablysimple and yet I would never have thought of them! I'm starting to see the fruits of my labour start to pay off now and I'm sure it is all down to Christopher's methods. I can't recommend him highly enough." — Rebecca Smith, MD at Rebecca Smith Property Services in Teddington  

"I highly recommend Chris if you're an estate or letting agent wanting to build business growth. He has lots of experience and a totally new way of reaching out for new business. His courses are very in-depth, enjoyable and full of well researched knowledge you can take away and implement straight away into your lettings business." — Julia Benham,  Lettings Agent in Cardiff  

"I recently attended Christopher's all day seminar. It was the best seminar that I have attended. I learnt so much on the day and cannot wait to get started on farming for landlords. If you are serious about growing you letting business and want to become the local expert, I highly recommend Christopher's seminar." — Paul Tobias-Gibbins BA MA FNAEA FARLA CRLM, MD of M&P Estates  

"Christopher's knowledge of the Letting Industry is phenomenal and his training sessions are excellent. His no nonsense, back to basics approach is a breath of fresh air and the support he offers to those who ask for his help is invaluable." — Deborah Barraclough, MD of Perfect Lets in North Leeds  

"How do you find landlords? That was the big question I asked myself as I opened my letting agency from a cold start. Flashy marketing? Cut-price offers? Hours spent on Twitter, Facebook and SEO? I’m glad I stumbled upon Chris’ techniques and adopted them, which makes the key difference of marketing TO landlords not AT them. Whilst it’s early days there’s been an immediate impact on the number of landlords contacting me as a direct response of Chris’ methods, many commenting how knowledgeable I clearly am about the local market (thanks for the articles Chris!). So much so in fact that one landlord has now instructed me to help source and manage some properties in the area for him! Read Chris’ blog, watch his videos and see him in person if you can. Not only is he generous with his time but his advice WILL work and pay dividends in regards to that number one issue: finding landlords." — Clive Janes, MD of CRJ Lettings Chichester  

"I first spoke with Christopher some years ago. We recently spoke again and he's been excellent in helping me reinvigorate my marketing strategy and I've now got a concrete plan in place which is now fully under way. His unique blend of property lettings and business development experience (as well as his gloves off no nonsense approach!) makes his services unique, so if you are thinking about having a chat with him - think no more - do it! Thanks Chris." — Neil Freshwater, MD Contempo Lettings Edinburgh  

"Christopher watkin is not only a forward thinking Lettings genius but more importantly the proof is in the pudding. I was one of the first Martin and Co offices to get on board with Chris and his ideas. Already in the early stages of my learning I am seeing significant changes and there's plenty more to come.I can highly recommend Chris and I am looking forward to working with him for the foreseeable future. Call him. Your business depends on it! If you want to grow your lettings agency you need to speak to this man!" — Richard Goodwin, Lettings Manager Martin and Co Oxford  

"I run a successful and established letting agency in Sunderland. Over the last 18 months, Chris Watkin has been a real pleasure to work with on a number of new business generation projects all designed to increase the number of rental properties on our books and to increase our awareness levels amongst the local landlord community Without Chris’s creative ideas & attention to detail we wouldn’t have grown our business as nearly as quickly and efficiently as we have done Now he has moved on and started as a freelancer, I will now have to pay for his services, which in my opinion are worth every single penny. If you are a letting agent*, read his blog and learn from him and if you can afford him, get him into your agency to help you grow the business *as long as you aren't based in Sunderland!" — Neil Whitfield, Director of Belvoir Sunderland  

"I worked with Chris over the last 6 months, with him guiding and mentoring me with his social media and blogging skills. As a result of blogging, I have listed or will list (when the properties will soon complete) between 15 and 20 properties, with more properties on the horizon. I would like to thank Chris Watkins for all his support and assistance with this matter. I feel that the work carried out has had a real positive impact to my lettings agency" — Zoe Bywater, Owner, Belvoir Bedford,  

"I consulted with Christopher as I needed insights in to the business and marketing side of letting agents and general property management. What I like about Christopher is his clear and straight talking style, with proven industry knowledge. His though leadership is clear and refreshing and I would highly recommend hit to anyone looking to grow their lettings business." — Chris Stott, Property Investor, Stott Holdings,  

"As a new start-up agency I have been following Chris on LinkedIn for a while now. I have been educated and entertained by the numerous discussion groups Chris creates and the experience and views he willingly shares with others. Although I have never met Chris personally my business was recently presented with aunique opportunity that I needed advice on from someone with a great level of experience in this field. My immediate thought was to contact Chris direct, through LinkedIn, with my predicament and ask for some advice. Expecting an email back at some point I was thoroughly surprised when within half an hour the phone rang and it was Chris ready to talk me through things. The advice he gave me and experience he has in previous dealings regarding this matter, are invaluable. I cannot commend him highly enough; to have the compassion and willingness to effectively help out a complete stranger yet fellow industry professional. Many thanks Chris." — Ben Purnell, Director, Tynings Independent Estate Agents

"Chris has used his extensive skills to help me with my business development recently. Always straight to the point and pragmatic, I have found his advice invaluable. Chris has a wide variety of experience and uses it well." — Jim Mitchell,  Director, Belvoir Lettings (Loughborough & Coalville),

"Christopher knows how it all fits together. He is always on hand to give those nuggets of information that can give that edge to your business, especially when it comes to marketing" — Nigel Parry, Business Owner, Belvoir Lettings (Nottingham)  

"Chris has shown himself to be very honest, upfront and knowledgeable about his field and always produces great results. He can help you set up your own lettings agency and really has some great ideas on how to help you build your business quickly. Above all else he is also a very sociable, friendly humble guy that is worth talking to." — Glenn Wakeham, Owner, Belvoir Lettings Guildford,    

"Christopher takes a no-hold bars approach which if you listen WILL get you the desired results. Intelligent and insightful he can add to the bottom line in property." — Samantha Collett, Director & Owner, Gorgeous Homes Ltd  

"Christopher has an admirable enthusiasm for, and deep knowledge of, the lettings sector.... He is always willing to give advice, and listen to it at the same time - a great quality in today's fast-moving world." — Jon Bellamy, Managing Director, Atlas Mapping Limited,  

"It didn't take long to see that Christopher is not only extremely well-informed, but truly passionate about the lettings business--and particularly about helping new people establish new careers rapidly and securely in this exciting and expanding market." — Joe Caneen, Owner, The Video Whisperer, 

"I have worked with Christopher over a number of years and his knowledge, expertise and valuable assistance has ensured growth to my 2 Belvoir franchisees and his work rate is second to none." — Major Mahil, Managing Director, Belvoir Lettings  

"I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher after a property event in London. Since then we have stayed in regular contact. Christopher is a very likeable person and has great skills in supporting agents. He is happy to share his knowledge and expertise in order to help others. A true gent that has exceptional property & social media skills. If you are looking to start a lettings business then make sure you have a chat with Christopher first!" — Ian Charles Watson, Owner, Agent Media,  

"Christopher is a friendly and approachable guy and always ready to share information and contacts. A person to know in the UK property industry." — Christopher Walkey, Managing Director and Founder.,,  

" Chris is an expert in his field and was/is always on hand for any help that I may need. I can always count on Chris for advice " — Dominik Potworowski, MD of Belvoir Maidenhead  

"Christopher’s enthusiasm has no boundaries, his passion for property is no doubt evident in his work and it is a pleasure working with a character who genuinely works hard and is such a lively character!" — Reena Patel, Marketing Manager, Belvoir Lettings, (now moved onto to a new job) 

"Chris offers good advice and has many years behind him in and around the property industry. If looking for lettings guidance, starting a new lettings business he comes well equipped to help you along." — Trevor Mealham, CEO and founder,,  

" In the relatively short time I have known Chris he has demonstrated energy and enthusiasm for both franchising and the seminar programme. He has proved to be keen to help out and put in that extra bit of time and effort." — Chris Cook, Owner, Chantry Creatives Limited,  

"Christopher is a thorough professional and completely dedicated to every task he sets his mind to, as well as being a very personable and entertaining individual to be around. His integrity is unquestioned, and he delights in helping others fulfill their dreams of excelling in the property industry." — Mohammed Shakeel, Director, Belvoir Lettings in Leeds  

"Charismatic, entertaining, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I met with Chris on a number of occasions during 2011. His knowledge around property and lettings is substantial. He's a great guy to speak to when looking for new ideas and he's never afraid to put forward his own thoughts and suggestions." — Robert Price, Managing Director, Belvoir Lettings Cardiff,          

.... and some personal references and others when I was an estate agent (dont hold it agains me please)...  

"Christopher is a great Round Tabler. He is a credit to the organisation and has made a positive difference to his Area and community." — Kevin Chard, National Programme Officer, Round Table Great Britain & Ireland,  

"As the Chief Executive of Round Table in the UK and Ireland, it is a pleasure to work with Christopher in his capacity as Area Chairman of one of Round Table's strongest areas. I find him eager, ever helpful, self motivated and great team player with a very strong work ethic. Reliable and loyal." — Cait Allen, Chief Executive, Round Table Britain & Ireland,  

"Chris is the man that you can depend on. Always willing and able to help others to get the job done." — Ash Sheikh, Immediate Past Chairman, Leicester Round Table,  

"Chris has had a great deal of experience in organising events meetings and fundraising with Round Table this is in addition to holding down a busy day job. He brings a sense of humour, a clear sense of task and is focused on a job well done. You cant ask for more than that." — Mark Gray, National Training Research & Development Officer Multiple Disability, RNIB, was with another company when working with Christopher at Area 14 East Midlands Round Table  

"Working alongside christopher is always a pleasure, his ability to be both affable and professional help deliver results on time, every time. He is a keen fundraiser and community worker as well as being aneloquent and motivational speaker." — Mervyn Sheldon, Online Business Account Training manager, Royal Mail,  

"Chris builds strong relationships with his customers and gives his time generously to ensure they get the right results. Professional and totally reliable we enjoyed the experience of working with Chris." — Steve Warner, was Christopher's client  

"Thoroughly enjoyed by time working with Christoper - a very competent estate agent and always willing to help others" — Paul Offley, Regional Operations Manager, Halifax HBOS  

"When Watkin speaks, people listen... because they want to; because they are inspired. It's that simple." — Will Ingleby, Business Partner Manager, Itronix UK Ltd, worked with Christopher at HBOS (Halifax Bank)  

"Christopher has drive, energy and enthusiasm in abundant amounts - his flare for marketing and generating innovative ideas seemed endless and always with an eye to customer satisfaction. He was an absolute pleasure to manage." — Neil Wedge, Senior Manager Business Change, Halifax Bank, managed Christopher at HBOS (Halifax Bank)  

"Christopher is an exceptional sales agent with an eye for the next technological innovation. He alsomaintains an extensive internal and external network. A very proactive individual." — Rebecca Howes MBA, Area Manager, Halifax Estate Agents,  

"I have known Chris Watkin for many years and have often thought that we would work together, the opportunity has not arisen at the right time. Chris is a long time served quality Estate Agent who can turn his hand to almost any facet of the business and make it successful" — Mark Newton, Chief Executive, Newton Fallowell,  

"Enthusiasm personified, Chris rolls up his sleeves and will face down any problems. He has vast experience in the field of estate agency." — Mark Bygott, Director, Mark Bygott Intercounty Estate Agents,  

"In all the years I have worked, which are quite a few, I cannot think of a more enthusiastic member of myteam, something which I have seen Christopher demonstrate whatever the challenge. High energy levels and a great "can do" approach to everything he does!" — Stephen Wolfenden, Regional Manager Estate Agency, HBOS,  

"Chris is a very personable and capable estate agent. Full of integrity and charisma. I have worked alongside. Chris on for a number of years and cannot recommend him more highly to anyone that requires a first class property professional." — Matt Daykin, Senior Valuer and Branch Manager, Halifax Estate Agents, worked directly with Christopher at Halifax Estate Agents  

"Christopher is a highly intelligent and motivated individual. He has a proven track record of excellent sales results both as an individual and leading a team. Analyses data and uses this information well in understanding all aspects of his business. Chris would be an asset to any organisation." — Donna Knowles, Branch Manager for the Halifax  

all testimonilas have been taken from My Linkedin profile, whic can be accessed by anyone